Managing the Future Today

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Premier Consulting Services for Consumers and Businesses using advance Technology and Analysis

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Managing the Future Today

Resolving Distressed Homeowner, MF & Commercial Financial, Business & Technological Issues.  Call 866-277-7844

A picture of some buildings and stairs.

Consulting, Project Managing, Resolution Experts. Call at: 866-277-7844

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TIG provides these services to our customers:

  • When losing your Property or Business from financial hardship you need help NOW! How can we help you resolve the problem today, right now? That is simple, we make a fair assessment to you that is easy to understand, easy to do and resolve quickly. Yes, you have heard that before and most of the time, it is not true. Just like on the old TV Police show Dragnet, just give us the facts. It is that easy. With the facts, we can make a thoughtful analysis that makes sense to you and resolve immediately. Why do we do this, first as Consultants we Invest our time and expertise to make money, second, we believe in helping others because we too have been in a jamb before. Now it is time to decide, share the facts and we will resolve your issue, it is just that simple.
  • We at TIG LLC and it's affiliate Companies have Business, Financial and Technological Experience to solve your distressed situation today. Residential for SFR & MF respectively, Mixed use, Commercial (Storage, RV Parks, MHP), Industrial and Land Development. Each area of distress, whether a homowner, a Contractor, a Business Person or a Developer will encounter problems they cannot resolve on their own and need Experienced Resolution Experts to Rescue them. That is what we do as Rescue Experts. So call now and allow us to help you today. 866-277-7844


Our mission is to transform distressed properties or Businesses into thriving quality living assets that contribute to the vitality and growth of the community by resolving their financial distress immediately by calling right now at 866-277-7844.


With a forward-thinking approach, we envision a future where every distressed property or Business we analyze becomes a catalyst for positive change quickly. Through our expertise in construction and investment, we aim to revitalize neighborhoods, restore properties to their full potential, and create vibrant, thriving communities that enhance the lives of residents and Businesses by our advanced mitigation technology, fast. 

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