Managing the Future Today

The Builders of Better Spaces at Your Service

Premier Construction Contractor and Realty Firm in the Industry


Managing the Future Today

The Builders of Better Commercial Spaces at Your Service


Premier Construction Contractor and Realty Firm in the Industry


TIG provides these services to our customers:

  • How can we help you resolve the problem today, right now? That is simple, we make a fair offer to you that is easy to understand, easy to do and close quickly. Yes, you have heard that before and most of the time, it is not true. Just like on the old TV Police show Dragnet, just give us the facts. It is that easy. With the facts, we can make a fair deal that makes sense to you and close immediately. Why do we do this, first as long term Investors we make money, second, we believe in helping others because we too have been in a jamb before. Now it is time to decide, share the facts and we will make an offer, it is just that simple.
  • We at TIG LLC and it's affiliate Companies have many Investor Opportunities. Residential for SFR & MF respectively, Mixed use, Commercial (Storage, RV Parks, MHP), Industrial and Land Development. While we generally are a long term buy and hold Company, we do look for opportunities and that includes the process of Acquisition, Repair and Sell or Exchange for other Opportunities at the right time. Each Investor must be vetted by a normal process no matter how much money you have. Small Investors are welcome.


Our mission is to acquire and transform distressed properties into thriving quality living assets that contribute to the vitality and growth of the community.


With a forward-thinking approach, we envision a future where every distressed property we acquire becomes a catalyst for positive change. Through our expertise in construction and investment, we aim to revitalize neighborhoods, restore properties to their full potential, and create vibrant, thriving communities that enhance the lives of residents.


Colorado, Texas, and North Carolina